Friday, 9 May 2008

Ticket To...Walt Disney Studios

Now, we've walked across the front of the Disneyland Hotel, across the courtyard to the Walt Disney Studios, the second park in the Disneyland Resort Paris. The Studios were opened on March 16th 2002, and have certainly improved with time. There's so much more to do now than there originally was! Of course, it is the smallest of all the Disney parks, but I'm sure we can still spend a lot of time here and have a lot of fun.
So, shall we pick up a map? This way we have one of each park, helping us decide the best things to do and see!

Of course, we need to check the times guide, as there are plenty of shows that happen at Walt Disney Studios. We really shouldn't miss the parade, as I hear it may soon be replaced by the Stars and Motor Cars parade from Walt Disney World. And while we're at it, shall we grab a times guide for the Disneyland Park? They have them available too.
So, let's have a look at the Walt Disney Studios park: Of course, the Tower of Terror is now open and I know that we don't want to miss that! And there's now a new Stitch Live! attraction too - but there are still plenty original attractions and shows that we can have a look at while we spend the day in the Resort. However, it being this time of year, there are plenty of sunny spells and showers, so maybe we should go and have a walk around the rest of the Resort and look at some of the shops and hotels? That way, if there are some rain showers we can keep ourselves dry!

Stick your tickets in your fastpass wallet, and let's go! Don't worry, we'll be back to Walt Disney Studios very soon...


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Guide Maps are my favorite things to collect on a trip. Being free has to help, but the fact that they encompass a brief period between changes to a park I think is the main reason I love them so much.

Thanks for adding to my thirst to carry on collecting around the globe!

Biblioadonis aka George said...

Wow...we're moving too quickly to snap any pictures!

All of mine have Ryan's blurry arms as he gesticulates wildly about the decor!

Princess Fee said...

There'll be plenty of time for pictures later - we're on a tight schedule right now!

Ryan, please keep your hands and arms inside the TicketMobile at all times! :)