Sunday, 11 May 2008

Ticket To...Hotel New York

As we exit the Disney Village, the first hotel we come to (presuming we're going clockwise around the lake, which we are!) is the Hotel New York. And although you don't need a park ticket for the hotel, I'm going to request that you show the tickets to me before our tour.
The hotel is based on the theme of New York City - funny that, considering the name! The facade of the building is based on New York skyscrapers, each section of the building falling under a different style. Out front of the hotel is a large area which, in the summer, is a water feature and during the winter seasons it is a large ice skating rink - similar to something from Rockefeller Centre in New York!
Once inside the building you could be forgiven for recognising the styling of the interior - it's very similar to that of the Swan and Dolphin in Walt Disney World. That's because these hotels same the same architectural styling of Michael Graves. The restaurants in the hotel are also based around the New York City theming, with the Manhattan Restaurant and Parkside Diner (a great place for breakfast!). And there's the fantastic New York City Bar, to have a nice drink or cocktail at the end of the day. Oh, and for those cocktail lovers (non-alcoholic too!) the cocktails at Disneyland Paris are the best!

As with every Disney hotel, the theming of the hotel is kept right down to the last details. Even the shower curtains in the hotel room show the hotel's logo! Plus, in the lobby, there is a fantastic Taxi where you can pose for photos, and in the morning meet with Minnie Mouse. Of course, the taxi is probably made for the under-8s, but everyones a kid at Disney, right?

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Though I've never seen it, I have to believe that water element out front is one of the coolest features from a resort. It would be right up there with the Savannahs at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Thanks for giving me an idea of where I would be staying when in DLP!