Monday, 12 May 2008

Ticket To...Sequoia Lodge

After visiting the Hotel New York, and helping Ryan from Main Street Gazette find a place to stay when he visits Disneyland Paris, let's have a look at the Sequoia Lodge, further around the lake.

Based upon the American National Park lodges, the hotel is similar in theming to Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World. The beautiful hotel was designed by the French architect Antoine Grumbach, and opened it's 1011 guest rooms in April 1992 (along side the opening of EuroDisney itself).

On my family's most recent trip last December we stayed at the Sequoia Lodge, so in a future post I'd like to do a 'spotlight on' this hotel. I have plenty of pictures and memorabilia to share with you, so this is just a quick stop at this beautiful lakeside hotel.
Now, let's head onwards!

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