Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Grandest of the Californian

In an attempt to introduce you, the readers of DF'82, to the wonders of the Disney Parks all around the world, today we head over to the Disneyland Resort in California. Specifically, the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa in the Resort.

Details Of The Grand (DL 09)

Situated next to Disney's Californian Adventure, with access from Downtown Disney, it is arguably the most immersive of all the Disneyland resorts.

And you know how much the Royal Family enjoy the Disney Details of the Disney parks, and the resorts are no exception. One of the best details can be found around the outside of the Grand Californian resort.

Just have a look at these lights situated near the entrance and decorating the resort itself. Fantastic imagineering! And a great addition to our Lighting Up series.If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Lighting Up series, or any other series here at DF'82, from around the Disney World, please let me know!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Window to a Great Show

Continuing with our look around the Windows of Main Street U.S.A, today we look round to the other side of the Tailor shop we previously explored. This small street holds hundreds of interesting and fascinating facts, shops, societies, and today's is no exception! Today's window contains perhaps the Greatest Show on Earth:

"Intense" Travelling Productions

Eric van Dijk
Jean-Luc Choplin
Tom Jacobson

The Greatest Shows On Earth

It is hard to find information on Eric van Dijk, so if any readers can help with this part of the window, that would be appreciated.

Jean-Luc Choplin was the Vice President of Entertainment for Disneyland Paris, and later moved to California in 1995 to become Disney's Vice President Creative Development.

Tom Jacobson, similarly, is hard to trace to his workings at Disney or Disneyland Paris. He has served as a production manager on several Disney films, including Mighty Joe Young.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Enjoying a Moment...With Blanche-Neige

Let's Enjoy a Moment at the beautiful Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs attraction in Fantasyland, Disneyland Paris. Or, to give it it's proper, beautiful title, Blanche-Neige et Sept Nains.

Blanche Neige (DLP 09)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Welcome to Sequoia Lodge

As you know, Sequoia Lodge is one of DF'82's favourite resorts at Disneyland Paris. And when you arrive here, as in most of the Disney Resorts, you receive a welcome pack. This includes the usual items you should need to make the most of your stay - up to date guide map of the park, including a times guide, and some information about your resort. Where your room is and, most importantly, the ins-and-outs of the Hotel.

Sequoia Lodge is no different. Here's what the Royal Family received on our last trip:

What, you can't all read French? Don't worry - there's an English translation as well!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Quick Bite...At Victoria's

Similar to the Main Street U.S.A. of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, there are several fine eating establishments in this part of Parc Disneyland. Today's 'Quick Bite' we will have a look at the beautiful Victoria's Home-Style Restaurant at the far end of Main Street, closer to the Hub.
One of the things that attracts guests to this Counter-Service restaurant is the beautiful exterior. And to induce the Guests to enter, well, it is the homemade style food that guarantees to please your taste buds! Dishes such as lasagna, quiche, pizza, 'pot-pies' and an irresistible desserts menu are enjoyed by many!
Another good point of this restaurant is that it is usually a great place to escape the crowds. It's location means it is often overlooked, and the stylings make it also look more like a waiter service restaurant than the counter-service it is. It is open all week during the high season, but can be closed weekdays during the off-season. It has a great kids menu and is also suitable for vegetarians.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Making a Splash!

I hope you have been enjoying our occasional visits to Tokyo Disneyland as much as I have! And today's 'trip' we're going to make a splash with Brer Rabbit and friends. Of course, it's Splash Mountain!

On a slightly related note, the following book recently came into the Royal Household.That's right, DF'82 will be heading to Tokyo Disneyland in April, in an attempt to introduce the readers to the truly global aspect of Disney culture. Yes, that's right, it's a research trip! And we can't wait to bring you all along with us.

Monday, 22 February 2010

What's Happening at Disneyland Paris?

It's a Monday and we haven't had any Disneyland Paris news for a while, so I thought we would have a closer look at the new New Generation Festival about to hit the Resort in April 2010!

The major introduction to the Parks will happen in the Walt Disney Studios, where Toy Story Playland will introduce the Guests of Paris to the wonderful world of Toy Story. A place where characters will be brought to life!According to the most recent guide brochure, we will be able to "shrink to the size of a toy and explore this oversized world". Sounds exciting, doesn't it? And let's have a look at what else we can experience:

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
The Mission: to train and make paratroopers out of you for a simulated parachute hump. It's a high-flying adventure!Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin
This 'zigzag-a coaster' is barking mad fun for all the family - pups of all sizes will howl with laughter as they join Slinky in a rollicking spin to catch his own tail!

RC Racer
This 25 metre-high half-pipe coaster ride will get your heart and family racing - when RC zooms you around at full's a real gas!
Disneyland Paris Interactive Brochure Winter 2009/Summer 2010 (p16)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Refreshing Fantasyland

For you regular readers of DF'82, you will know that we love the hidden details in the Disneyland Paris resort, and the quirky ideas that Imagineers have come up with to keep us all entertained and interested as we travel around the parks.

For example, we are wandering around Fantasyland looking for a quick refreshment, without going to a restaurant of sorts. The Imagineers knew this when they were creating and building the park, but rather than put a kiosk or a regular building to serve refreshments and snacks, they created an Old Windmill, ready to serve us! Of course, it isn't just any windmill - it is The Old Mill. Beautifully decorated during the Christmas festivities, it is still just as inviting all year round.And what about near the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, where would we grab a soft drink? Well, why not head to L'Arbre Enchante, or the Enchanted Tree for our English speaking guests. I'm sure we could get a lovely cold apple or orange juice here!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Arabian Nights In The Sky

It has been a few days since we have Looked Up at Disneyland Paris, and today's 'Always Looking Up!' series is one of my favourites!

As we enter Adventureland in Parc Disneyland, we are introduced to a very Arabian looking building and archways. And on top of this building is a series of wind vanes.Let's have a closer look and see what classic Disney Animation they help tell the story of.
Of course, it's Aladdin! Here we see the Genie, Aladdin and the Magic Carpet (complete with lamp itself), perhaps his bird that warbles on key, his royal horse and the evil Jafar himself, in a more traditional form.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Quick Bite At Fuente del Oro

As you travel through Frontierland in Parc Disneyland, Paris, heading towards Adventureland, the feeling of the area becomes more Mexican than Wild West, and this is reflected in one of the counter service restaurants where we can have a quick bite to eat!

Fuente del Oro (Fountain of Gold) has a strong Mexican theme, serving Tex-Mex style food. Dishes featuring chilli con carne, tacos and fajitas.

The restaurant is open almost all year round, with no obvious high or low season differences (although it may close one day a week in the low season). It can, however, get very busy during peak lunch hours, but it is a delightful place to eat! Inside you can enjoy the beautiful Mexican and Spanish style murals, and with outdoor seating you can also enjoy the views and the screams of Big Thunder Mountain!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Where to Find Pooh and His Honey

Whilst enjoying ourselves in Tokyo Disneyland, it may be that we want to help Winnie the Pooh find his much cherished honey! But how do we do this? Well here are some tips for us when we take part in the much talked about Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Enjoying a Moment...With Pizza

Today's Enjoying a Moment image is from Disney's California Adventure. Personally, the Pizza Oom Mow Mow restaurant is one of my favourite named places in all of Disneyland Resort - and possibly all the Disney Theme Parks I have visited!

I don't know if it will last through all the renovations and changes coming to DCA, but for now, let's take a moment to enjoy this restaurant at night. Oom Mow Mow, certainly!

Oom Mow Mow! (DCA 09)

Monday, 15 February 2010

Need A Quick Ride?

When visiting Disney Theme Parks, it's easy to get tired from all the walking and excitement that is going on! Of course, there are periods of rest, when eating in some of the delicious restaurants, or experiencing some fun attractions or parades. But sometimes, you just want to let your legs have a rest!

So, if you happen to be in Fantasyland and need an easy, and enjoyable, way to get back to Main Street U.S.A., why not try the Euro Disneyland Railroad? There is an easily accesible station in Fantasyland, just near the Fantasy Festival Stage and Peter Pan.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Although it is not an official 'holiday' of sorts, we here at DF'82 would like to wish you a right Royal Valentine's Day!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Need a Tailor on Main Street?

If you happen to be on Main Street U.S.A in Disneyland Paris for any length of time, you might find yourself in need of a master tailor. Well, look no further than here:

Fitzpatrick's Fine Tailoring
A Fit For Every Occasion
Robert Fitzpatrick

Robert Fitzpatrick was the chairman of EuroDisney from March 1987 until 12th April 1992, when Philippe Bourguignon took over.

Fitzpatrick was previously the Director of the Olympic Arts Festival in Los Angeles in 1984, before becoming the chairman of EuroDisney in 1987, helping and overseeing the creation and production of the Disneyland Paris park, which was originally known as EuroDisney.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Enjoying a Moment in Asia

It's the end of another week, and for most of us it's the weekend! So today's Enjoying A Moment moment is from Walt Disney World. One of my favourite shots - it makes me want to be in Florida although it very much looks like we could be at Mount Everest itself.

Everest Through The Trees (WDW 09)

See more Disney shots on my flickr stream.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Madness Above! Part 2

Yesterday's post entitled "Madness Above" introduced you to to another item on top of the beautiful buildings and attractions of Disneyland Paris.

Did you guess correctly where it is from? I said that you might need a cup of tea with this one...or perhaps you will be mad enough to have a go?

That's right - it's from the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups attraction in Fantasyland!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Madness Above!

Remember here at DF'82 we said one of the best mottos for visiting the Disneyland Paris parks is to 'always look up'?

Well, here we have another one! Can you guess where this is from? I'll give you a hint - you might need a cup of tea with this one.

Come back tomorrow to find out!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Beware of Ghouls And Ghosts

It's been a few days since we visited any Tokyo Disneyland attractions. So let's have a look at that one attraction that puts fear into all our least in a good way. The Haunted Mansion!

Monday, 8 February 2010

A Quick Bite at Restaurant Hakuna Matata

It's about time we stopped for another quick bite to eat at one of the many counter service restaurants in Parc Disneyland, Paris. Today's choice is the Restaurant Hakuna Matata, situated in Adventureland.

Can you guess what the theme of this counter service restaurant is? Of course, it's that of the Lion King! The building itself is decorated in an African theme, ready to welcome you and cause you No Worries. There are animal and ethnic decorations throughout, in this African Hut style building.

Dining options here include lamb curry and Moroccan dishes, spiced chicken and shrimp and tuna salad. As at all the counter service restaurants, kids menus are available and 'set menus' as such. During the low season this restaurant is only opened Wednesday to Friday, but during the high season it is open every day, although sometimes not opening until nearer 2pm.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Entering The Endor Express

Several posts ago here at DF'82 we mentioned the Star Tours attraction in Tokyo Disneyland. But I thought that today we could take a brief look at the Star Tours attraction in Disneyland Paris.

Situated in Discoveryland, the entrance to the Endor Express is behind Star Tours, close to the 'secret walkway' to Fantasyland (and next to Cherie, J'ai Retrici Les Public!). During the busy periods there is a Fastpass option for this ride.
For those of you who haven't experienced this attraction before, it is a collaboration between Disney and George Lucas, allowing you to experience a trip to Endor on a Starspeeder 3000. The ride itself is in French, but it is relatively easy to understand - it is all about the experience and the journey!
The attraction does not get as busy as in earlier years, but if you really want to make sure you experience it, I would recommend heading straight to Discoveryland on entering the park, perhaps to ride Space Mountain: Mission 2. Once you've riden that attraction, head over to Star Tours, as the entrance to it is right around the corner from Space Mountain.

But the best part of this attraction is perhaps the queue area. Where you will be able to meet R2-D2 and C-3PO getting your Starspeeder ready for your Express journey to the Moon of Endor!
Bonjour A Star Tours

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Always Look Up!

One thing that I have learnt in my trips to Disneyland Paris is to always look up. Of course, this is always good to note in any Disney Theme Park, as well as always look down and around corners.

In my continuing aim to bring you the overlooked details of Parc Disneyland and the Walt Disney Studios, I will introduce you to the beautiful wind vanes and building toppers of Disneyland Paris. Can anyone guess what classic Disney animation this wind vane is relating to?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Enjoying A Moment In A Bug's Land

Today's Enjoying A Moment is in Disney's California Adventure, specifically in A Bug's Land. One of my favourite little areas to escape the hustle and bustle!

Rosie (DL 2009)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Honey, I Shrunk Paris!

The Honey, I Shrunk The Audience attraction is located in Discoveryland in Parc Disneyland, Paris, close to Star Tours and behind Space Mountain.

As you can see, the attraction title is Cheri, J'ai Retreci le Public - doesn't that make it sound more exotic? For those who have not experienced this attraction before, it takes place in the Imagination Institute and introduces us again to the Szalinski family from the classic movie by the same name. Guests put on 3D glasses - protective glasses for the experiments that are possibly going to take place! - as they watch a presentation honouring the works of Wayne Szalinski.

It is a great attraction for the whole family - and I won't spoil it for any of you - but be prepared! Also, under-5s may find this is a little intense, so procede with caution. As even certain Princesses find this a little, ahem, intense also...

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Taking a Closer Look At Le Chateau

Many times in the past I have talked about the beauties and the detailing in and around Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant at Disneyland Paris.

There is so much detailing throughout le Chateau that it is easy to overlook some of it. Of course, we have the distinct shape and positioning of the Castle from the outside, and inside the Castle there is the wonders of the Dragon's Lair in the dungeons and the story of Sleeping Beauty in the heart of the Castle.Because there is so much to see and do inside the Castle itself, it is the very small details that remain unnoticed by many guests. And some of these are the most beautiful. But hopefully I can introduce you to these, and on your next trip (whether it be your first your ninety-first) you can take a small moment to appreciate the work and the imagination of the Imagineers.

For example, at the side of le Chateau there is an archway which you can pass under, should you wish to not go through the main lobby. Above the archway you can see the Coat of Arms of the Royal Family, which is very similar to some English coats of arms (i.e. with three lions). I imagine this passageway was constantly guarded by the Knights and the Soldiers, especially during the Medieval times.
Another hidden corner of the Castle is an area which contains a lift, available for use for those who cannot manage stairs. As you can see from the detailing above the wooden doors, the stone carving depicts a couple of dragons holding a parchment showing -1 (dungeons), 0 (ground level), 1 (Sleeping Beauty's Story).
But perhaps my favourite detailing comes from underneath the archway itself, and the stone carvings around the pillars. This is the detail we Disney Geeks love, right?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Astro Blasting in Tokyo

After the success of the Star Tours instructions from Tokyo Disneyland, let's have a look at the other very popular Tomorrowland attraction at this Asian Theme Park. Of course, to get there, we may have to go to Infinity and Beyond!

Of course, I am talking about Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blast attraction in Tokyo. Let's get ready to fight Emperor Zorg!