Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Inside Disney Studio 1

Before we can fully enter the Walt Disney Studios Park we need to enter Disney Studio 1, a building based on a large studio soundstage. Inside you are transported into a Hollywood movie set, a fantastical Sunset Boulevard, with shops and restaurants and ever changing scenery.

The benefits of this being a soundstage is that the weather, lighting and effects can all be controlled. There are neon lights everywhere and so many photo opportunities, it is breathtaking and a lot of fun! The whole right-hand side of the Studio holds the Restaurant En Coulisse, which sits behind some facades for some of Hollywood's most famous sites, such as The Brown Derby, Schwab's Pharmacy, and Liki Tiki. The left-hand side hosts the Legends of Hollywood gift shop, for all you Disneyland Paris gift needs, and has entrances to Shutterbugs and the Gossip Column 'shops' to name but a few.
Disney Studio 1 is an experience in itself, with a large backdrop that transports you from night to day in a matter of seconds, thanks to projections and lighting effects. The area also contains some fantastic live entertainment - bands and streetmosphere characters can regularly seen 'cruising' up and down Sunset Boulevard. Additionally, it was originally going to be called 'Lights, Camera, Hollywood!' but was changed at the last minute to 'Disney Studio 1'. You can still see the remnants of the name with many of the props labelled 'LCH'.

During the changeable Parisian weather, Disney Studio 1 is a great place to hang out while waiting for the rain to ease or the snow to stop. It can get very busy at lunchtimes due to the lack of eateries in the Park. So if you are lucky enough to visit Walt Disney Studios try and avoid eating at the Restaurant during lunch (12pm-2pm).

So, after our brief visit to Disney Studio 1, we'll be ready to enter the Walt Disney Studios Park! Excellent!


Biblioadonis aka George said...

I still canot fathom REAL snow in a Disney park...

Too weird.

-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

From the pictures Studio 1 almost looks like a version of the Great Movie Ride that you can actually walk around in. And that would be amazing!

I'm with you George, snow in a park is tough to get my head around.

CheriBibi said...

most beautiful thing on main street... On Big Thunder Moutain... that surely looks odd... but unique.