Sunday, 25 May 2008

A Quick Look Around the Front Lot

As you enter the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris, you immediately meet with some of the well known characters from Walt Disney's Fantasia. There is a statue of Mickey Mouse as our beloved Sorcerer's Apprentice (the Fantasia Fountain), and to his front right one of the famous dancing brooms, complete with buckets of water. This area is known as the Place des Frères Lumière (Light Brothers' Place) During the Christmas and New Year period, you also get to meet the Christmas version of Mickey - with a fetching Santa-style coat.
The Front Lot area of the Walt Disney Studios has been stylised similarly to a 1930s Studio Lot. To me, however, it feels a bit like a holding area - somewhere where you're essentially waiting to enter the Park itself. In order to enter the attractions and shows of the Studios, you have to go through Studio 1, which we will have a look at another day. Meanwhile, the Front Lot has a couple of shops and a couple of lovely photo opportunities - Mickey Mouse's statue and the Earful Tower especially.
During the busier times of the year you can usually find a couple of characters hanging around the Front Lot too, ready to greet you before you enter the work of Motion Pictures. You may also get to see some genuine Europeans thoroughly enjoying their time at a Disney theme park (*note hints of sarcasm). There can also be some Streetmosphere shows - a particularly good one revolves around a Town Car and some 'movie stars'. If you're looking for more streetmosphere shows, however, heading inside Studio 1 will bring you face to face with more shows and more facets of Movie Making. Stay tuned for our visit to there!

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