Saturday, 7 November 2009

Helping Make Your Trips More Magical pt2

Following on from yesterday's tip, here's the rest of the question:

I would love any tips/tricks you can pass along since we will only have one day at DLRP and would love to see as much as possible. Do you know if we can utilize the get into the parks early if we stay at the Dream Castle? Also, should we make dining reservations? Restaurants you recommend, we would like one character meal? And, does the fastpass system work the same as at WDW? Do the castmembers frown on using the fastpass after the return time window?

The Royal Family haven't done any character dining at Disneyland Paris, because there isn't as many options as Walt Disney World, for example. There is Cafe Mickey in Downtown Disney which looks like a fantastic restaurant, and I know many people who have dined there and enjoyed it: I would probably recommend this one - although the only downside is there is a lot of windows, and a lot of passers-by stop and stare and try to get the characters' attentions

Depending on your price range, there is a Cinderella dining experience in Fantasyland which I would love to do! The Auberge de Cendrillion has a lovely location, and equally nice-looking menu. This guide will help you with your choice, I feel.

We also dined once at Walt's Restaurant on Main Street USA and it was a fantastic restaurant. I think with two teenage daugters you would enjoy it as well - each room is themed differently and the food was delicious too. The service was also lovely and a little more upmarket. We also love to eat at the Silver Spur Steakhouse in Frontierland - especially if you get a later reservation, you can see Frontierland empty and quiet at night!

Time In The Parks
Utilise the fastpass service if you are only there one day! Rides like Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain will get very busy, as well as Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan's Flight. If I remember correctly, none of the Fantasyland attractions have fastpass (Peter Pan doesn't), it is the 'big rides' - Big Thunder, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Indiana Jones (which is a rollercoaster), Rock N Rollercoaster (although the FP is hardly ever working), Tower of Terror.

If you venture into the Studios, Crush's rollercoaster does NOT have a Fastpass and it is VERY busy during the day! Waiting about 30 minutes is good and I would advise that - it's a great ride! The Tower of Terror is similar to California, but in French.

My one, main tip, would be to explore the parks (if it is busy and the attractions are busy) and to definitely do Pirates of the Caribbean - it is different to every other one. And the Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion) and Big Thunder Mountain. All VERY different. To be honest, I haven't used the fastpass system very much, as I have been lucky to go at the quiet times. But the cast members are very good - the majority speak English (although I would advise to learn a couple of French phrases, as they are much nicer if you at least say 'hello' and 'how are you' in French. Some frown upon going up and speaking in English right away!) and I think they are relatively flexible with the fastpass (especially if you have a Cast Member who is, um, less than thrilled to be there!). But if you are going in May, unless it is a weekend, it should be an enjoyable and relatively quiet experience.

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