Sunday, 30 March 2008

Main Street Windows Continued

I have a couple more windows from Main Street USA to share with you all. Once again, I've found it difficult to find out who some of the names are, and their importance to Disneyland Paris or to the Walt Disney Company. Please feel free to share any thoughts in the comments box!

Of course, I just love looking at the windows and seeing the creativity from the Imagineers...
This window is from the right-hand side of Main Street USA, in the first block of buildings directly across from City Hall, and signals the Main Street Volunteer Fire Department. "Putting Out Fires Before They Start: Jeff Burton, Tony Catton, Rick Girdley, Paul La France, David Todd, John Verity". With the recent release of 101 Dalmations, it's fitting to show this one with the seemingly mascot of the Main Street Fire Department being Pongo!
To the left of this window is another showing Net Gross - Forsgreen & Green "Counselors of Investment: John Forsgreen and Jusdon Green". Green worked at the Company from 1989 - 2000, starting out as Chief Financial Officer and later becoming President, then Chairman, of Walt Disney Attractions. Forsgreen worked in the setting up of EuroDisney (as it was formerly known), presumably with relation to the financial operations. I love this window, mainly because of the phrase beneath the names: Put Your Money Where The Mouse Is. I'm sure many of us Disney Geeks have done that!

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