Monday, 24 October 2011

Week of Celebrating

For the next week, DF'82 is going to do some celebrating - no, we're not going to celebrate the Halloween season (well, not just yet, anyway!) - but we're going to celebrate the Disney Legends. As per the Walt Disney Company website:

The Disney Legends program was established in 1987 to acknowledge and honor the many individuals whose imagination, talents and dreams have created the Disney magic. The awards are given annually by Robert Iger and Roy E. Disney during a ceremony at The Walt Disney Studios.

At the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank there is the Disney Legends' Plaza, an area of the Studios dedicated to all the Disney Legends. Make sure to check out the Disney website, where you can read a little bit more about the Plaza and the award that each Legend receives.

Every day we will have a look at just some of the people who have been immortalised by becoming Disney Legends, and are honoured as such at the Disney Plaza. Join us for this fantastic journey - and click on the links, where you can find out more about these Legends.

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