Friday, 7 October 2011

A Quick Bite At... Fuente del Oro

Situated deep in Frontierland, across from Big Thunder Mountain, is the Fuente del Oro restaurant. A great place to grab a bite to eat, whilst eating in a beautifully themed Mexican-Western fusion restaurant.
This is the best place in park to buy Mexican themed food items, such as chicken fajitas or a taco salad. They also do a great Chilli con Carne (with nachos) and some Mexican fries!

If you decide to eat around lunchtime in the parks (12-2pm), this is a great place to choose as there is plenty seating inside and outside (which has enough covering that even in the cooler months you could sit outside to enjoy the world).

The restaurant usually opens from 10am until 7pm, and is open at least 6 days a week. With enough dining choices to please almost everyone, and in such a fun location, it is a great option for a quick bite.

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