Thursday, 27 October 2011

Legends: Part Three

Remember to click on the links to read more about the Legends - we may come back and have a look at some of them in more detail here at DF'82!
  Kathryn Beaumont (Animation Voice)    Kurt Russell (Film)
Vladimir Tytla (Animation)    Wilfred Jackson (Animation)

Roy E. Disney (Film & Animation & Administration)    Norman Palmer (Animation)
James Alger (Animation & Film)    Lloyd Richardson (Animation)

Dick Van Dyke (Film)    Glynis Johns (Film)
Masatomo Takahashi (Administration)    Matsuo Yokoyama (Character Merchandise)

Marc Davis (Animation & Imagineering)    Ward Kimball (Animation & Imagineering)
Frank Thomas (Animation)   Ollie Johnson (Animation)

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Geek Dreams said...

I really like Ward's Hard print. if you look close you can tell there is something wrong