Monday, 17 October 2011

Closed In Flight

Kitty Hawk Bicycle Shop in Disneyland Paris sells some of the most fantastic - and futuristic - looking bicycles in the country.

On our last visit to the Parc, I was looking forward to perhaps purchasing a bicycle or two. But unfortunately, it looks like the shop is closed for the time being!

Yes, the shop is closed for Flight Testing. I wonder if now Kitty Hawk is looking into acquiring a different form of transportation altogether!


Alessia said...

Hi!Very nice and interesting blog!
Anyway about this post.. you know what was the name of the shop where the Wright Brothers built their first airplane?? KITTY HAWK!! so this is the explanation for the "flight testing"!!! i love Main Street :)

Princess Fee said...

Thanks for visiting - and for the great information! Love how it all connects :).