Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Legends: Part Two

It's another day here at DF'82, and it's time to look at more Disney Legends. I hope you are enjoying these as much as this Princess is!

Remember to click on the links to read more about the Legends - we may come back and have a look at some of them in more detail here at DF'82!

 Tom Murphy (Administration)    Roone Arledge (Television)
Dave Smith (Archives)    Lucille Martin (Administration)

Sir Elton John (Music)    Joe Ranft (Animation)
Peter Jennings (Television)    Jimmy Johnson (Music)

Richard Sherman (Music)    Robert Sherman (Music)
Julie Andrews (Film)    Don Dagradi (Film)

Ken Anderson (Animation & Imagineering)    Mary Blair (Animation & Imagineering)
Claude Coats (Animation & Imagineering)    Bill Evans (Imagineering)

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