Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Visit The Family of Adventureland

One of the best attractions for exploring lies in Adventureland, in Disneyland Paris. It is a sight that is seen in many of the Disney Parks throughout the world, and here in France it is given a beautiful French touch. Of course, I am talking about The Swiss Family Treehouse, or as it is known here, La Cabane des Robinson.The Treehouse, of course, is a replica of the treehouse from the 1960 Disney film, and is a lovely walk-thru attraction. It can be enjoyed at your own pace, and has some fantastic hidden details strewn throughout. The attraction will rarely have a queue, so it's always something fun to do even when the park is busy.
Although the attraction may need a bit of a refurbishment, you can visit the kitchen area, the dining area, the sleeping quarters and the library. If nothing else, the Treehouse gives some beautiful views over the rest of the park.

Join us over the next two days, when we will have a fun photo tour of La Cabane des Robinson!

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Ryan P. Wilson said...

I love the positioning (i.e. above ground level) of this Treehouse, it makes it truly unique and well fitted to the idea of being on an island!