Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Dressing Up The Windows

In my opinion, one of the most fun things of any Disney park is their ability to change with regards to the different seasons, celebrations or recent movie releases from the Walt Disney Company. I know that they can use the parks as a way to promote the release, but sometimes if it is done in such a way that it almost blends in, it can be great fun to spot!

The windows on Main Street U.S.A. in Parc Disneyland, always aim to be as up-to-date as to note these different kinds of changes.
Take, for example, these windows of the Disney Clothiers shop. They have our lovable characters in it - in this case, Minnie Mouse and the fantasic Scrooge McDuck - and have been joined by some other friends.
These loveable Pixar characters have invaded Main Street because of the current celebration at Disneyland Paris, The New Generation Festival. Or L'Année de la Nouvelle Géneration, as it is officially known. C'est magnifique!
And across the road, at the Emporium, we can see our Monstres et Cie friends, Sully and Mike, helping Donald Duck and Merlin.

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