Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Quick Bite At Blockbuster

Formerlly the Backlot Express Restaurant, the Disney Blockbuster Cafe is situated in the Backlot area of Walt Disney Studios. As I previously briefly looked at, the Backlot Express was a place full of props and items from various Disney movies. The newly refurbished Blockbuster Cafe is a counter service restaurant that caters to fans of two of Disney's most popular recent trilogies: Pirates of the Caribbean and High School Musical. We will take a look at some of the decorations and displays throughout this restaurant tomorrow, but in the meantime let's have a look at what we can grab to eat here.There is the regular feeds available here, such as Mickey Pizza, but there are also some delicious and different sandwiches, baguettes and salads. There is a set menu available, which includes a hot dish or sandwich, crisps, desert and a drink for €11.95.
The restaurant has a very large seating area, as well as outdoor seating for those warmer days. It can get quite busy during lunch hour, but outwith this time it can be very peaceful and a great place to escape the crowds! It is open all year round, usually from 11am until 5.30pm.

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