Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Advertising Space on Main Street

We previously looked at the advert for sewing machines at Disneyland Paris, but that is not the only piece of advertising on Main Street USA. Like any other mid-town main street, it is prime advertising space for any company or brand. So let's have a look at a couple of other products we can buy or experience here on Main Street.
For example, there is the fantastic game of Halma:
The Popular Game of Halma
It possesses remarkable fascination for children as well as adults

Halma was actually a board game, invented in the early 1880s, similar to that of checkers or draughts. It could be played with two players - with two colours - or with four players, and four colours. Although there were similarities between checkers, opponents pieces were never captured nor withdrawn from the board.

Just next to this poster is a window for a Design Company:
Chastain Design Company of Glendale
Budgets and Schedules Met

Fantastic! I needed someone to help and manage some of my design projects. Looks like Chastain's is the place to go.

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