Friday, 20 August 2010

Building Up The Anticipation

For the fans of the Disney Theme Parks, one of the things we love is how the Parks can help us to escape the outside world, and how we can easily be transported to another time, or place, or imagination.In our most recent trip to Disneyland Paris, we experienced a new way of entering the resort - by bus. On previous trips we had stayed within the resort grounds, and every morning we would awake within the Disney "bubble". But for those people who travel to the parks from outside the resort experience a different sighting.As you can see, straight ahead of us is the beautiful Disneyland Hotel. In all my years of visiting the theme parks, I did not know you could see the hotel so clearly from the main entry roads. But do you see what is so carefully hidden behind the hotel?
Yes, it's Le Ch√Ęteau de la Belle au bois dormant, hidden carefully behind the main building of the hotel. This just shows how the Imagineers were clever enough to hide the Castle from the guests about to enter (in order to build up the anticipation!) but still kept both buildings in such a theme that they could almost blend in with one another.

And, dear readers, its the little things like this that give me goosebumps!

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