Thursday, 28 May 2009

What's In A Name?

It's been a very subtle change - one that most of you will not have noticed. And why it happened, well, I'm not so sure!

Disneyland Resort Paris is no more! From now on, the resort will be known only as Disneyland Paris. The change happened almost overnight, with the official website and documentation showing Disneyland Paris as the area's new name. I imagine this change has came about due to the fact that most people refer to the resort simply as Disneyland Paris, and don't mention 'Resort' at all.
Of course, this isn't the first name change the Parks have had. When it first opened it was called EuroDisney - and the Euro Disney Resort. Then in 1994 the resort was called Euro Disneyland Paris. Then, finally, in 1995 it was rebranded as Disneyland Paris - eventually becoming Disneyland Resort Paris in 2004. The name change away from EuroDisney came about with a revamp for the parks and the hotels, after a very long period of being 'in the red'.
I am lucky enough to be visiting Disneyland Paris next week. And I want you all to feel like you have been there with me too! Is there anything specific you would like me to report? Perhaps you want to see what the architecture is like, or the small details? Or perhaps you want indepth descriptions of the rides and attractions? Just let me know in the comments section!