Monday, 18 May 2009

Taking Some Time

Sometimes our lives are so hectic - the days we are away from the Parks can feel quite depressing, especially when we are overloaded with reality. Recently I have been quite busy with 'real life' and it doesn't allow me to sit down and enjoy the small things in life.

I have to confess that there have been some times I am sitting down, knowing I should be updating DF'82, but I don't. I just want to sit, and drift away into my thoughts...I apologise for this - I hope you all know how much I love this blog and aim to update it as much as I can. But I thought that this evening, whilst I am sitting here needing to recharge my batteries after a long day and weekend, I would take you to my laughing place.

Well, almost! It's one of my favourite places in Walt Disney World - it reminds me of home, of the days I spent working in the Magical Place on Earth. It reminds me of music drifting along the streets, fireworks going off in the distance, and - bizarrely enough - tea. Welcome to Princess Fee's Peaceful Spot: The United Kingdom Gardens.







George Taylor said...

Wonderful shots and great angles!!!

Scott said...

I love the photos! I'm wondering how you were able to get them with no people in them. Every time I've photographed anywhere in WDW, there's always crowds around!