Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ticket To...Fantasy!

On our final day of 'Ticket To Tokyo Disneyland', we look at one of my favourite lands of the whole park - Fantasyland! Cinderella Castle, as we've previously discussed, sits as the entrance to this beautiful land. Ready to take guests into a world of magic and fantasy!

As you can see from the map and descriptions, Fantasyland here in Tokyo has many of the same Dark Rides as its Disney counterparts throughout the world.

Although there are a couple of noticeable differences. One fantastic difference is the Winnie The Pooh ride, Pooh's Hunny Hunt. If you haven't heard about this ride, it features a fantastic trackless track, really making the guest feel like they are bouncing along like Tigger! The trackless-ness is created using a Local Positioning System. This is one of the most popular rides here at Tokyo Disneyland, but through the magic of You Tube, we can experience it without the wait!

Also here in Tokyo Disneyland is the Mickey Mouse Revue, an audio-animatronic attraction that used to reside in Florida. This attraction was moved piece by piece and translated for a Japanese audience, because back in 1983 Disney couldn't justify building an exact copy.

And do you remember how I said The Haunted Mansion was in Fantasyland? Well, here it is! I think it's great that it is in a different land in almost every "Magic Kingdom" throughout the world.

Thank you to Disney Dave for the pics, except 'it's a small world' which is from Wikipedia

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