Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ticket To...Westernland!

Hopefully you're all enjoying our little tour around Tokyo Disneyland, and getting to explore it along with myself! Today, I thought we would take a little stop in Westernland - before heading over to Critter Country tomorrow!
Westernland is similar to Frontierland in the other Disney Parks around the world, named 'Western' as 'Frontier' does not translate the same in Japanese. This land shares it's major similarities with Frontierland and Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, Florida. So let's look at the map and see what's here...
Notice that the Haunted Mansion doesn't seem to be in this area? That's because, strangely enough, it's in Fantasyland! Anyway, we can still see the Country Bear Jamboree and sail round the Rivers of America.
As you can see, we can still have a go on the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts, if we would rather do some 'exercise' than just jump aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat!
And Big Thunder Mountain, which we can see in the distance, is modelled after the attraction at Magic Kingdom, too, although the duration of the ride is a little longer than the WDW one.
Although, we might be a little hungry and need a snack. Why not try some...curry popcorn?!

All pictures thanks to Disney Dave, apart from BTM Queue Line, thanks to Wikipedia.

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