Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ticket to...Adventure!

In belated honour of Earth Day, I thought it would be nice to have a little look at Adventureland in Tokyo Disneyland. Contrary to other 'Magic Kingdoms' around the world, the park at Tokyo does not have a railroad going round, so there is no stop in Adventureland or Westernland (the equivalent to Frontierland).

As you can see from the map there are some different attractions in this Adventureland. We have the familiar Jungle Cruise and the Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as the infamous Swiss Family Treehouse.

Shall we have a go on the Jungle Cruise? It's one of my favourite traditional rides in Walt Disney World, so why not spend some time on this Tokyo Disneyland version! There are 13 different boats we could go on:
Amazon Annie
Congo Connie
Ganges Gertie
Irrawaddy Irma
Kwango Kate
Nile Nelly
Orinoco Ida
Rutshuru Ruby
Sankuru Sadie
Senegal Sal
Volta Val
Wamba Wanda
Zambezi Zelda

A couple of fun facts about this ride for you too - the skippers will actually bow after every joke to the audience in the boat! Additionally, the boats travel anti-clockwise and only 12 will be in operation at any one time, never all 13. Oh, and thanks to the wonders of the modern day, we can now experience the Japanese backside of water!

Okay, so we've done the attractions that we know about - but what about the ones that are not so familiar to us Westerners? We could have a go on the Western River Railroad! As there is no railroad encircling Tokyo Disneyland, this Steam Train travels through Adventureland, Critter Country and Westernland. Interestingly enough, there is only one stop on this railroad, which could be because of Japanese regulations which state that any train with more than one stop should follow a timetable!
Additionally, another new attraction for us is The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai (which is Hawaiian for 'Hello, Welcome!'). This attraction replaced the The Enchanted Tiki Room: Get the Fever!, which in turn replaced the original Japanese version of the Tiki Room. This show is basically Stitch taking over the Enchanted Tiki Room, but it doesn't include the regular 'cast' that we all know and love. Instead, the four Birds of Paradise are called Hanoli, Manu, Waha Nui and Mahina!

Pictures thanks to my friend Disney Dave, apart from Jungle Cruise picture - thanks to Wikipedia.

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