Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ticket To... Tokyo Disneyland Park

After a few days unprecedented absence, let's enter into the original park of the Tokyo Disney Resort - Tokyo Disneyland. As you may remember, the park opened 26 years ago this month and was the first Disney park outside the USA.

Even though it is the Oriental Land Company that owns and operates the resort, the park was designed and built by Walt Disney Imagineering. The park was modelled on the Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland in California. Cinderella's Castle is almost an exact replica of the Castle at Walt Disney World in every way apart from a slightly different colouring nowadays.

According to The Themed Entertainment Association's findings, Tokyo Disneyland remained the 3rd most visited theme park (of all theme parks, not just of the Walt Disney Company) worldwide in 2008, with 14,293,000 visitors (in comparison, Magic Kingdom had 17,063,000, Disneyland had 14,721,000 and Disneyland Paris had 12,688,000).

So, shall we pick up a map and have a good look at the park, just to get used to it?



As you can see, the park has many of the same Guest Services as other Disney Parks throughout the world: Baby Centres, Park Information Board, Storage Lockers, Banking Services, First Aid and, the infamous, Stroller and Wheelchair Rental!


Oh no, I didn't realise we have just missed the 25th Anniversary Grand Finale, "The Dream Goes On"! But if we pop back in time just a few weeks, maybe we will be able to experience some of this through the magic of photographs! Now, even though the Japanese don't 'celebrate' Halloween or Christmas, the Park still hosts events to enjoy these seasons. They have the Haunted Mansion "Holiday Nightmare" and the season of Christmas Fantasy! We should try and visit the Park during one of these seasons next time...


And from this page you can learn a little bit more about the Tokyo Disney Resort itself - the Disney Resort Line, the Disney Hotels and Ikspiari.

And what about a map of Tokyo Disneyland itself?


Alright! Next stop, a good look at the different lands of Tokyo's number one theme park!

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