Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What Fate Has In Store

The Jungle Cruise is one of the best attractions in Magic Kingdom for theming. From outside the attraction, to the queue, and to the attentiveness of the skippers, it is a classic and fun part of Adventureland.

Once the ride is over, I imagine there isn't many people that take time to look around - everyone is eager to get to the next part of the park! But if you look closely, you will see a list of all the boats that are, and have been, part of the Cruise. And if you look carefully, you may see one named after your very own Princess Fiona.

Jungle Fate

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

This is one of those details I've always loved! In fact, when I first started the Gazette I thought I could write some short-stories that were based off of queue elements, and the first story I wrote was 'The Fate of the Fateless Fiona." Kind of ironic now, looking back on it...