Friday, 27 March 2009

Trip Report... Part Three

Day 6 - Tuesday 10th March
Another relatively early morning, grabbing breakfast over at Old Port Royale and then taking the car back to the Dolphin resort. We then grabbed good ol' Disney Transport to the Magic Kingdom, ready for a day at the park that really makes you feel like you're at Walt Disney World!

It was a warm day today, and we managed to do a lot, even though my thighs were quite a bit sore from the run the day before. Anyway, we managed to walk around the park a lot and do some of the rides. But the highlight of the day? Meeting Tinkerbell and the fairies, Silvermist and Iridessa. They were fantastic, and it really made the Queen's trip to meet Tinkerbell (one of her favourites!). I don't have photos of that yet, but they will be on the Photopass when we get them back...
Anyway, we also managed to go on Buzz Lightyear, It's a Small World, and - the classic - Tomorrowland Transit Authority. I also went on Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. We also waited around Liberty Square - near my old work - and watched the new parade, Celebrate a Dream Come True. I had not seen this new parade yet, and I loved it - although not too much has changed, the music made it all worthwhile! Honestly, that tune is so catchy... I admit, I ended up buying Corbin Bleu's version from iTunes.

After the parade, we were lucky enough to meet up with Virginia and her husband, who had kindly donated to me for my half-marathon! It was lovely meeting them, and I hope I can meet them again on my next trip to The World.

After we left them, we headed over to EPCOT as we had a dinner reservation at Le Cellier, one of my parents' favourite places to eat. We managed to go on Journey Into Your Imagination and Spaceship Earth before dinner. The dinner itself was absolutely delicious - one of the best fillet steaks I've ever had, and the mashed potatoes? Well, they were brilliant too! And did I have cocktail? Well, of course, I was celebrating my half-marathon victory!

After the dinner, enjoyed Illuminations, before taking our time (the Queen was quite happy for me to take as many night photos as I wanted!) and heading back to the resort.
Day 7 - Wednesday 11th March
Unfortunately this was our last full day at Walt Disney World, but we still had plenty to pack in! We had another breakfast at the resort, and then headed back over to Magic Kingdom, so we could get in some last rides and buy some more gifts!

We went on Peter Pan, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin's Magic Carpets, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, before the Queen decided she wanted to take some things back to the Resort. I think she really wanted to let me take my time and take photos without feeling like I was holding her back.

I accidentally ended up watching the parade again, and filmed it, after ending up in a great spot right near the start of it (tip: just around Splash Mountain is a brilliant place to wait for the parade and you only need to arrive about 10 minutes before for a front row spot!). I then headed over to Tomorrowland and went on Space Mountain again, and the TTA! Some of my favourites, that I will be interested to see after the refurbishments. Oh, and I also managed to sneak in a Mrs Potts' sundae - just one of the BEST things to do in the whole of Walt Disney World!

The Queen met me again and we went over to the Crystal Palace for dinner. I enjoyed the dinner, although I found the restaurant much more hectic and crowded than I ever remembered it. But it was great fun to meet Winnie the Pooh and friends - and the Queen loved it too!

But what could we do for our last evening? We had done almost everything we wanted to do, and wanted something memorable... Well, the Queen had never been to Beaches and Cream - and so, off to the Yacht and Beach Club for some ice cream delights! However, we didn't order the Kitchen Sink. But the table next to us did, and so I was delighted that my mum got to see that without making ourselves sick!

After enjoying a burger between us, and some gorgeous ice cream sundaes, we headed back to CBR via Downtown Disney, and tried our best to pack...

Day 8 - Thursday 12th March
Our last morning in Walt Disney World was spent finishing off packing (after buying another bag from the gift shop - typical!), and then we headed over to Ohana at the Polynesian for a gorgeous breakfast. This is one of our favourite character breakfasts, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Although the last time I was there, Chip and Dale were there, I still enjoyed it with Lilo and Stitch. That Stitch is so naughty, he gave the Queen a right royal fright! He's lucky she didn't say off with his head, although that is a different movie entirely...
And so, we briefly popped into the Magic Kingdom as I thought it would be a lovely way to finish off the holiday - a quick visit to the Castle and then heading back to our resort, ready for the long journey home.

Thank you for reading all my trip reports - I hope you have enjoyed them!

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Thanks for the trip report Princess! Not only did it put a smile on my face to seee your trip, but it also gave me some ideas for my "research" trip next month! Wish I could have been there.