Monday, 16 March 2009

The Greatest Movie Studios

Hi Everyone! I am back from my trip to Walt Disney World - and I had a fantastic time. If you want to read more about my Princess Half Marathon, you can do so here. I will try to do a trip report for one of the post this week, too!

I wanted to get into some more indepth posting, especially about Disneyland Paris, this week, but I have actually came down with a bad chest infection. I know, even Royalty can get ill! Isn't that shocking? There should be something against that...

Anyway, I have something that I want to share with you all that I find really interesting. It is an article from last year's (UK) Empire film magazine, entitle 'The Greatest Movie Studios' and this is Part 2 - The Walt Disney Studios.

It is 12 pages 'pull out' and I found it very interesting - especially as it won't have been written by Disney 'fans' so to speak. So please, have a look! The article is in PDF files, so I suggest you either download them or 'right click and open in new window/tab' - and apologies if the files are big, but I want you all to be able to read them! Enjoy!

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