Monday, 3 November 2008

Spin Me Round

Sitting quietly in Fantasyland, Parc Disneyland in Paris, is one of the most thrilling, terrifying and stomach-churning rides of the entire park. No, I'm not talking about Space Mountain or even Tower of Terror - I'm talking about Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, or informally as The Teacups.


Like it's sister attractions throughout Disney parks in the rest of the world, Mad Hatter has his tea cups placed in Fantasyland. Of course, due to the inclement weather Paris experiences throughout the year, this attraction has a beautiful glass roof, shaped like a petal, which helps blend it in to the surrounding gardens. It consists of 18 tea cups, with two to four persons per cup!


As with every Disney Theme Park attraction, ride or building, it's the little details that I love. Like this - the giant milk jug and sugar holder. Just to help you feel like you really are at a tea party.


An attraction that I don't get to experience very much, as my father gets violently sick on them, on our last trip my mum and I made the effort to have a go on them. And neither of us were sick - luckily!

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The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

I love seeing the differences between the same rides at different parks. The teacups in DP are beautiful and what a great glass covering.

Thanks for sharing with us,