Sunday, 23 November 2008

From The Day We Arrive On The Planet

Disneyland Parc, Paris, has many exciting attractions and some fantastic entertainment, enough to keep you busy for days! Do you all still have your ticket? Those of you who have managed to lose it can pick up another one from Guest Relations at the front of the park - just tell them you're with DF'82! Because, you're going to need your ticket to come along to one of the Park's most popular and mesmorising shows - "The Legend of the Lion King".

Situated in the Videopolis Theatre in Discoveryland (next to the large Hyperion Ship), this show preimiered in June 1994. It replaced the "Mickey's Showtime" musical show. It tells the story of the Walt Disney Pictures 'The Lion King', with Simba, Timon and Pumba helping you learn about la Legende de la Roi Lion. The show uses some fantastic special effects, and has a truly energetic cast, retelling the story using dance, action and music from, and inspired by, the film. The costumes were mainly designed by Sue Lecash, who had studied African dress specifically for this, and created 118 animal headdresses for this show alone!

When this show first opened, it was necessary to get reservation tickets to make sure you could get into the show. This required a lot of queuing, first to get the tickets and then to get into the show itself! Of course, the show has been running for several years now, and tickets are no longer required. The Legend is performed in English and French, and your times guide will let you know which show is which - although, the musical numbers remain in English for both.


As you may remember from a previous post, the Cafe Hyperion is a counter service restaurant attached to the Videopolis Theatre. So, although you need to arrive about 25-15 minutes prior to performance for a seat in the theater, you can purchase your food at any time and coincide it with a show, sitting in the dining area of the theatre.


I have heard that this show may be closing in 2009 - so, shall we watch a viewing of it whilst it's still around to entertain us? And entertain us, it will!


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