Wednesday, 30 July 2008

What's a Motto With You?

Disney Cinema Parade - Script

One of the most important items in any movie - and potentially the starting point for any future film - is the script. So, of course, the Disney Cinema Parade has to have a script. But who could possibly introduce the script to us? Why, 'The Lion King' characters, of course. One of the most memorable and moving stories from Disney, with some of the most memorable characters.
Disney Cinema Parade
And who better to headline the float than Rafiki, a great and wise storyteller. The float itself is in the shape of a large book, with Simba stepping out of the pages. Timon is also on hand, just to give that script some extra flair!
Disney Cinema Parade

Disney Cinema Parade - Clapperboard

We have the lights...we've definitely got the all we need is the action. And what better way to introduce this than with our old friend and favourite wooden boy, Pinocchio!

Accompanied by Gepetto, and with Jiminy Cricket hanging around somewhere too, you can bet that our movie is almost ready to get started. With a clapperboard this size, surely there can be no mistaking when our director shouts 'Action!'.

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