Thursday, 10 July 2008

Oh, Alice!

Slightly later than promised, I wanted to tell you some interesting details about the Curious Labyrinth that we have just been exploring!


The Labyrinth - formally known as Alice's Curious Labyrinth - opened along with Disneyland Paris in 1992, and has been a staple in the Fantasyland scenery ever since. With the striking flower display of Cheshire Cat and the towering Queen of Hearts' Castle (which, George, isn't too tall - maybe 2 stories), it is unique and intriguing.

Speaking of the Castle, you can actually go inside and have a wee exploration of this building - I'm sure it's just a replica of the Queen's actual castle, as I'm sure hers would be much larger, just like mine! Interestingly enough, there was a slide originally in the Castle, for children to play on, but this was closed down within the year (due to health and safety).

For all you tree lovers out there, the hedges throughout the maze are Thuja coniferous variety, which are part of the Cypress family, and were originally grown in the north of France. As you can probably tell, the maze isn't too difficult - it only took us a few days to get through! - but there are a total of 8 dead ends. The theming of the Labyrinth is split into two sections - the first illustrating Alice's adventures prior to meeting the Queen, and the second comprising of the final scenes from the film 'Alice in Wonderland'.

I hope you all enjoyed our trip through the Labyrinth - I for one did! And I hope you all learned something from it too. Personally, I learned how to spell 'labyrinth', so that's good enough for me!

Apologies the picture is not great - it got very wet just as I was finishing up at the Labyrinth and I didn't want to hang about too much!

Update: Just to let you all know, I'm going away for a few days and there won't be any posts until Monday. I wanted to have a few posts prepared for you all, but time slipped away from me! Have a great weekend and see you again on Monday!


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Fantastic Princess! All this talk about plants and Alice makes me want to study up on my horticulture while watching Alice in Wonderland.

Princess Fee said...

Thanks Ryan - I'm glad you enjoyed the tour! And I'm glad I've inspired you to study up ;)

Andy said...

Excellent tour the last few days!