Friday, 25 July 2008

Spotlight On... Disney's Cinema Parade

It's a Friday, and what better way to start the weekend than having a look at one of the original Disneyland Paris parades! Specifically, the Disney Cinema Parade, over at Walt Disney Studios Park.

A daily event, the Disney Cinema Parade brings some of your favourite Disney characters and friends together in a parade inspired by all things related to the movies. We have director Donald Duck, Tinkerbell getting ready to shoot, Minnie getting the costumes ready and Mickey Mouse overseeing the whole shebang! Of course, like most things Disney, the parade tells a story too - and over the next few posts, I'd like to share this with you. Through the magic of photographs, maybe you can feel like you're really there...

The Disney Cinema Parade premiered in the Studios on June 1st 2002, and has experienced many changes. The floats were created in towns in Belgium, the Netherlands and Northern France, while the costumes were imagined and brought to life in Beniche, a carnival town in Belgium. Until early 2004, the Parade also included a 'warm up', with Goofy going along the parade route, along with some of the Park's movie stars, interacting with guests. This was removed as it was thought not all guests could enjoy it, due to the fact that Goofy was solely speaking in English.

Similarly, the "Lights! Camera! Action" 'parade stops' (in which the floats stop and the characters dance/interact with the guests) were removed from the parade in September 2004. However, these were reintroduced in 2006. The parade runs along from right to left (as seen on the map), finishing up at Backlot Express/Rock N' Rollercoaster. As I previously mentioned, instead of ropes, guests can sit along the 'film strip' of Mickey Ears to get ready for the parade.

The Parade has 9 different themes making up the story: Camera, Costuming, Script, Clapperboard, Movie Reel, Movie Can, Director, Filmstrip and Cinema. Each of these themes are represented by Disney characters or movies. There is also one ongoing theme throughout the Parade too, in the form of the dancers all being dressed as Ushers.

As far as I am aware, this parade no longer runs at the Walt Disney Studios. At present, guests can enjoy High School Musical On Tour and High School Musical 2: School's Out instead. I have heard that the Stars and Motor Cars Parade from Disney's Hollywood Studios shall be making an appearance in the near future at the park.
Disney Cinema Parade
In the meantime, hold onto that Ticket to Disneyland Paris (I hope you all still have it!) and get ready for one of the funnest Parades in the Disney Parks!

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

I love how, in classic Disney fashion, Tink's film canisters form a Mickey! Can't wait to see more!