Tuesday, 22 July 2008

My Verdit On... Wall*E

I finally got to see it - the film I had been waiting months to see! Ever since I saw the first trailer with the cute robot, the catchy music, and the intriguing storyline, I had been looking forward to this film.

And it was finally released here in the UK on Friday. And, well, it was brilliant! I won't give away anything about the film (as I won't be presumptuous enough to believe everyone who reads this went, like me, as soon as physically possible to see it), but it was pure enjoyment. For 98 minutes I enjoyed the journey this film was taking me on - from a desolate earth, to an almighty lifestyle out in space, it was a marvellous rollercoaster.

Not only were the graphics/animation amazing, but the characters were truly heart wrenching too. I fell in love with Wall*E the moment I saw him - and then the friends he makes along the way...well, I fell in love with them too! The crew of robots he also meets along the way - how could anyone not find them endearing? I bit of a flash back to a scene from Lady in the Tramp for me at one point, too.

I went along to see the film with my parents, and my dad thoroughly enjoyed it alongside me. We laughed at so many parts - and I even had a little tear in my eye once or twice. There's also enough action in the film to make even young boys (and girls!) sit at the edge of their seats, holding their breath.

Of course, I knew it was a love story - I'd remained pretty much spoiler free when I went to see it, but I knew that much. Not only from what I'd read on the internet, but from the trailers and tv spots they had been showing over here. Little did I know how much of a love story it was - a love story on so many levels, all relating back to one massive love story for us all - the earth.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much the film wasn't a pin-up for how badly the human race is treating the planet. That point was part of the story, but from what I had heard I thought it would be the core of everything. The film teaches us that we have to look after where we live, but IMO it wasn't the core of the story.

Additionally, I was worried about how John Ratzenberger would be placed in the film (with it mainly being 'talkless'). Thankfully, my worries were pointless, and the minute I heard his voice I was overjoyed! :)

So, overall, this Princess enjoyed the film! While I don't have robots like that around the palace, I sure could do with one or two of them now and then. Oh, and my breakthrough character of the film? Well, it's gotta be Mo.

And as for Presto... I loved this short! One of the things I love about going to see a Disney/Pixar film is the feeling of getting a 2-for-1. The shorts are always just as much fun as the film, and this one was no exception. How cute was that little bunny rabbit? My dad and I were laughing all the way through!

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

It is fantastic, I'm glad you finally got the chance to enjoy it Princess!