Monday, 16 June 2008

Memorabilia Monday - California

In today's Memorabilia Monday post, I thought I would share with you some nice little pieces of memorabilia, along with a nice story. Back in March 2006, my friend Disney Dave and myself went to Disneyland in California, to enjoy some of the 50th Anniversary celebrations. For his birthday, I treated him - and myself, of course - to take part in the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour.

The tour was very enjoyable - both of us love the Disney history and heritage, and especially loved exploring the park that started it all. And, of course, somewhere that Walt himself had walked! During the lunch part of the tour, we got friendly with the Cast Members that were taking the tour. When they found out that DD was a Cast Member, and myself a recent Cast Member, at Walt Disney World, they chatted to us for a while. Telling us some more information and showing us around the Disney Gallery (where lunch was held).
After the end of the tour, we accompanied them back to Town Hall, as they told us they had something they could give us. We sat in a small room, just off Guest Relations, where we waited for ages. She showed us the guest book, where celebrities sign when they come to the park, and both got extremely excited to see Julie Andrews in there!

The two Cast Members disappeared for a while, then reappeared and looked very apologetic. She explained to us that she had desperately tried to find the keys to Walt's Apartment - she had wanted to take us up there and show us around - but they couldn't find the keys right now. She said that she thought her manager had it, and they didn't know where they were. We were gobsmacked at the kindness of this Cast Member - although more than a little disappointed we couldn't see the famous apartment.
As a thank you and a sorry, she gave us both a 'goody bag' full of memorabilia from Disneyland - including a full autograph book, a pen, a black and white photograph of Mickey & Walt, and some Cast Member items - such as newsletters, information leaflets, etc. Also in the bag were these 'tags' from various Disneyland Guided Tours. I know they're not much - and to others they are a piece of cardboard - but I love these untouched tags. They remind me of one of my favourite holidays, and also of the kindness of Cast Members. Especially when they go out their way, even for fellow Cast Members.
She also managed to get us priority seating for Fantasmic that evening, on the balcony of the Disney Gallery. I only wish I could remember her, and her co-worker's, names - but I will never forget their kindness.


Ed South said...

Those are great memories! Thanks for sharing! It's gotta be pretty cool even coming close to seeing Walt's apartment.

-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

What a fantastic day! My heart skipped a little beat at just the thought of someone I know seeing Walt's Apartment! (Why does it seem everyone I know who has gone to Disneyland has gotten so close, but never actually been able, to see Walt's Apartment?)

I have to agree though, the ability to walk the same paths that you know Walt once tread is a magical moment.

Biblioadonis aka George said...

What a great day that had to have been!

Any chance of seeing more of the goodie bag?

D.O.C. said...

Great story. It is the little things like this make cast members so special.