Friday, 20 June 2008

I've Got That Friday Feeling!

What better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than by having a quick look at one of the festivities Disneyland Resort Paris is currently undertaking for it's 15th Anniversary celebrations!
This fun train parades up and down Main Street USA at various points throughout the day, playing a fun tune and full of characters ready to meet you and celebrate the 15th anniversary of Disneyland Paris! Entitled the 'Disney Character Express' (Le Petit Train des Personnages Disney), the train meanders along (playing a tune so catchy that, yes, you will be walking around doing the 'choo choo' actions!) from Town Square to the Castle Hub, where it stops and you can have the opportunity of meeting some of your favourite Disney characters!

The train premiered on March 31st 2007, and appears every day during the 15th celebrations (which have been extended to March 2009!). Fun fact, fact fans, it takes 8 minutes to travel along Main Street USA. But remember, only 15 minutes to meet your favourite Disney friends!

Princess Fee's Note: Speaking of friends, apologies to all of you for not posting enough on this over the past couple of weeks. June is a very busy month at work and at home, but things are calming down and I shall be getting into the swing of things. Remember, please let me know if there are any specific areas of DLP that you would like me to cover! I have plenty more memorabilia for you all too! Additionally, I haven't even been able to browse my favourite blogs recently, but I look forward to making some time and catching up with you all!

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