Saturday, 7 June 2008

Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane? Kind Of...

As a way of celebrating the start of Star Wars' Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I wanted to share with you this picture of an X-Wing that stands outside the attraction in Disneyland Parc's Discoveryland.
The Star Tours ride in Paris is the same as the other rides throughout the world - the only difference is that the queue walkthru and the ride itself is in French! It's definitely interesting listening to a French Rex - although, I think it benefits if you have at least heard one of the English versions before (if you are an English speaker, of course!).

Although this blog focuses mainly on Disneyland Resort Paris, throughout the weekends in the month of June, I would like to share with you some of my experiences at the Star Wars Weekend that I had the pleasure of attending, way back in 2005! So check back tomorrow for some photos I will share with you all.

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Biblioadonis aka George said...

I love it!

I can't imagine how amazing it is to see this one. The one at Disneyland was very cool.