Monday, 13 December 2010

Double the Fun

Heading back over to Main Street U.S.A., we are going to take another look at one of the fantastic buildings in Disneyland Paris.This one is the Doubleday Building built in 1888. During my research for this building, I cannot see any direct relation between Doubleday and Disney. We can only speculate that this is the Doubleday of Doubleday & McClure Company, a publishing company that is now a division of Random House. Doubleday Australia actually has some Disney children's books in print.
Not leaving the building yet, we also have a great advertising poster for all passers-by to read:
Play a Better Game With
All American
Sporting Goods

Another great advert keeping in time with the theming of Main Street U.S.A. and the surrounding buildings. But we shouldn't just look at the facades of the buildings - remember, we should always look up!
And if you do, you can see the top of the Doubleday Building has been adorned with a Trophy, keeping in theme with the Sporting Goods advertisement.

Update: The fantastic George Taylor, from Imaginerding, contacted me to add to the "mystery" of the Doubleday building. In fact, it is a mystery no more! Due to the sports theming of the building, the 'Doubleday' is more likely to be a reference to Abner Doubleday, a US Army officer and who claimed to invent baseball, although there was much evidence against this. I think we can mark this as solved!

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Anonymous said...

Since the store seems to have a prominent element devoted to sports, my guess is that the Doubleday refers to Abner Doubleday, the inventor of the American sport baseball.