Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Facades of Pirates

Pirates of the Caribbean is Royal Family favourite, and the one at Parc Disneyland is no exception. In actuality, it is this Princess's favourite one of all the Disney theme parks. The ride is more intrinsic than it's sisters, and the storyline is strong and beautiful. For those who have never ridden it in Paris, the story of the attraction is actually very close to that of the first film - despite the fact it was designed at least 10 years prior to its release.But the inside of the attraction is not only one of the reasons I love it. Just look at the facades of the building, beginning the storyline for all who enter.
The old Spanish style fort, complete with flying Jolly Roger flag overhead. One of the main weenies in Adventureland, drawing us back to find out more about what lies within this fantastic fort.

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Nicholas Tucker said...

Great pictures! Hope I can visit someday!