Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mother Is Watching

I adore Boot Hill in Disneyland Paris, next to the Phantom Manor in Frontierland. And back in October 2008 we looked at some of the tombstones in the cemetery area. There were two specific tombstones that we looked at:

The two that belonged to Mary Murphy - the possible daughter of the owner of Phantom Manor - and Frank Ballard. As you can see, these two died in the same year (1859), and at quite a young age, so perhaps theirs was a tragic romance?

Well, if we look at the tombstone that is quietly placed behind Mary and Frank we may get a better idea of their stories.
Ma Ballard
"Over My Dead Body"

We can deduce from this that Ma Ballard, presumably Frank's mother, was not happy about Mary and Frank's relationship. Could her death in 1859 have any connection to the couples' deaths? Only the Imagineers will really know.

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