Monday, 14 June 2010

Fancy A Dessert?

Just last week, we spent some time at the Corsets and Coffee windows on Main Street U.S.A. in Parc Disneyland, Paris. Today we will head back there and have a little look at the Ice Cream Company store, just next door to the Coffee Grinder. And take a look at yet another fantastic reminder of just how creative the Imagineers in Disney Theme Parks are.

Can you see what I'm referring to? Maybe if we have a little closer look:

I Scream
You Scream
We All Scream
For Ice Cream
The Ice Cream Company

This sign is actually hidden away off Main Street, and can only be found if you are entering or exiting the Arcade using the Main Street Marketplace entrance.
As a result, I imagine this sign is mostly overlooked by your average Paris guest. But hopefully, if you get a chance to visit this beautiful park, you will remember this post and take some time to have a really good look around...

Or maybe just have some ice cream instead!

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