Saturday, 26 June 2010

Looking Around The Hall

We have had a quick bite at Toad Hall, and we have even had a bit of a bigger bite! But now let's take the time to appreciate the aesthetics of this beautiful Disneyland Paris restaurant.

The Imagineers for the Paris park took their time to make sure that almost everything had a story, or details that would invoke the feeling of story. For example, the outside of Toad Hall has detailing in the brickwork, and wood carvings that remind you that Toad Hall was built for one special person inparticular!

Even the surroundings of the fireplace invoke the feeling that this is what the real Toad Hall would feel like.

The carpet and the wallpaper have even been created especially for Mr Toad and his home.

We will spend some more time on the artwork that is on show in this restaurant tomorrow, but for now we can see that even Van Gogh created some beautiful pieces for Toad Hall!

And for this replica of Toad Hall, we can see just some of the furnishings that Toad uses to help himself feel at home.

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