Monday, 15 June 2009

Monday Memories - Collectables

I love to collect things - when I was younger, I started collecting badges (or buttons, as they are known in the Americas) from various places I visited. These developed into pins, and eventually, Disney Pin Trading. I also loved to collect keyrings, pencils, postcards, photographs - and on every trip to a Disney park in America, a soft toy of some kind.

I also went through a phase of collecting pressed pennies, as these were much more common at American tourist sites.

So imagine our joy, when we found something similar - although a little more expensive, but even more collectible - at the Disneyland Paris parks. There you can collect coins/medals. You can buy them in some shops, but you can mainly obtain them from medal dispensing machines scattered throughout the Resort. I think this is part of the fun - trying to find the other medals in your collection. I know I spent a fun morning rushing around (our last morning, actually!) trying to make sure I had covered every part of the park where a machine would be!

They are priced at 2 Euros each, and are created by Monnaie de Paris. They are solid coins - I'm not sure what they are made of - and are slightly bigger than a 2 euro coin (or a dollar coin) and thicker. Apart from depicting various sites/lands of the Disneyland Paris parks, each coin has a year on the back. This is probably the biggest draw - you definitely have a small, souvenir from the year you visited the Disneyland Paris resort!

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