Friday, 26 June 2009

La fée Clochette Points

In honour of the great master of links, reviews and all things Disney literature, George at Imaginerding, my family and I spent much of our Disneyland trip looking for points. Points, you ask? Well, 'Point Photo's! I love the French phrasing for these signs, and also love to take pictures of myself pointing at them.

But today's point photo comes to you from Fantasyland, just at a point overlooking the Tea Cups attraction. Do you notice anything different about this one?

Point Photo

That's right! Beautiful Tinkerbell is helping you take a beautiful magic, by sprinkling a little Pixie Dust on you. And did you know that the French call Tinkerbell 'La fée Clochette'? Seems like 'Fee' is a popular name after all...

La Fee Clochette

And yesterday's post answer...the popcorn cart was from Fantasyland! And it is situated just along from the Curious Labyrinth.

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George Taylor said...

Awesome shot!

I love the Photo Spots.