Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hints Of The Past

Like many other Disney bloggers, I love to have a look at the things that go overlooked in the parks. These can be things on the ground, above, or just in plain sight!


One attraction that has details that are overlooked on all these levels is the Disneyland Paris Railroad Station at Main Street USA. The area surrounding the Station shows some of the strongest links back to the Park's origins, when it was called EuroDisney.

Scattered throughout the entrance to the park, and the Station, the following symbols showing 'E D L R R' standing for Euro Disneyland RailRoad. You can see it here on the ground as you approach the Station from the front of the park. And above in the railings.



As you pass under the Station itself, you can see the 'EDLRR' in the ceiling strips also.


And when you get to the other side of the Station, in the Town Square of Main Street USA, you can also see the symbol in the railings, as well as the 'Euro Disneyland RR' arching over the clock.


I like that Disneyland Paris have kept these tributes to their past. Although the Rail Road is referred to as the Disneyland Paris Rail Road, I think it's important to remember how the Parc started out and how it is now.


George Taylor said...

Great shots!

rjcutt said...


I worked on the construction at Euro Disney and accutally fitted the brass logos and the balistrade on main Street RailRoad Station.

Nice to see my being appriciated.