Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lost In Books

Amongst some of the fantastic souvenirs I was lucky enough to get from my recent Royal Visit to Disneyland Paris, I bought the following two purchases:

The book on the left is the Official 'Souvenir' of Disneyland Paris, taking you through the various attractions and lands of both parks. As you can see it still has the old 'Disneyland Resort Paris' in the heading, so maybe it will be worth something in the future!

The other book, on the right, is one that I have been dying to get for as long as I have known about it! I was unfortunate not to get it earlier, as the exchange rate meant that I just couldn't afford to have it sent to me (as, let me tell you, it is a VERY heavy book!). George, from Imaginerding but over at the fantastic 2719 Hyperion, has a beautiful review (along with some pictures) of 'From Sketch to Reality', which I urge you to check out.

As far as I am aware, there are not many English versions of the book left. I was prepared to buy the French version if I found it at the Resort, but was lucky to find and English one. The Disney Gods were smiling down on me that day! The authors of the book, Alain Littaye and Didier Ghez can be found at Disney and More and The Disney History blogs, respectively. They both run fantastically informative sites - which makes my eagerness to read this book all the greater! Although I don't want to take it out the wrapping just yet...

There will not be any posts over the next few days, as I am actually celebrating my Royal Birthday! I am resting up, experiencing the company of friends and family, before coming back next week, refreshed and ready for a summer of Disney blogging. I hope you're ready - because I certainly am!

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