Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Up, Up and Away!

With all the talk surrounding the new balloon experience that is under development for Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World, I thought it would be nice to have a little look at the balloon that is currently at the Disney Village in Disneyland Resort Paris.

PanoraMagique balloon is situated at the end of the Disney Village, close to Hotel New York. It is the largest tethered balloon in the world, and raises up to 100m in the air, allowing you to get a fantastic view of the Disneyland Paris Resort!


The balloon opened on April 9th 2005, and has a capacity of around 30 people. It is also filled with around 5,000 cubic metres of helium and around 1600 squared metres of material used to create the balloon itself. Whilst I have not had a chance to experience this - because it can be closed in very cold weather - this is a great way to see the surrounding area, and get some great views of the park! I know I will have a try of this when I get back to DLRP.

I think something like this will be fantastic in the Downtown Disney area. I'm not a great fan of the balloon's attractiveness, but the experience to get some great views of the Walt Disney World resort will be the main attraction!

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