Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow All Around!

It's been a hectic time here in the Royal household - snow has been impacting upon us in a big way! So I apologise for the randomness of this blog, but it has been a very random week...


Over the next few weeks there may be some changes to DF82 - but all for the good! I love this blog and I only want to make it better and more appealing for you all. Whilst it will definitely still focus on Disneyland Paris, I would like to include more from the other Disney parks around the world - especially Tokyo Disneyland.

Until then, all being well, regular posting will resume! And to commemorate the snow we have been having in the UK, let's look at the efforts Disney will put into making snow all year round in their parks!

Main Street USA

Snowing on Main Street


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

We'll be here no matter what is in store for our favorite Princess!

D.O.C. said...

And I thought this would be a photo of mounds of snow is Glasgow. I know the Midlands has gotten enough that some friends of my have gone snowboarding. Anyweay, we stay tuned to what you share in the months to come. And...I love the snow photo of DLP.