Thursday, 19 February 2009

Double Take

Taking a look around the world, sometimes there are similarities between the Disney parks. For example, the Castle in Tokyo Disneyland is a replica of the Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Soarin' Over California is the same as Soarin' in Epcot. And sometimes, just sometimes, you come across very similar phone booths.

Do you know which Disney parks you can find the following? (Please note, princesses not included!)

phonebox1 phonebox2


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

The one on the right is definitely in Epcot, but the one on teh left is stumping me. For some very strange reason I really feel inclined to say the Condor Flats area of Disney's California Adventure, but that can't be right...

Princess Fee said...

You were so close, Ryan! The other box is from Disney's California Adventure and it's in the Hollywood Backlot area - or it used to be anyway!