Monday, 9 February 2009

Monday Memories - On a Mission

Let's go back in time - way back, again, to this Princess's first trip to the magical Walt Disney World. I thought I would share some more snaps from the Royal Archives. Remember a few weeks ago I showed you my prized autograph book? Well, the following photos show me on a mission... A mission to get a very elusive Villain's autograph! (click to enlarge!)

Here you can see me looking a little annoyed. Why annoyed? Well, I need to get some autographs for my book!

Florida 1990 (15)

I'm getting impatient - we're getting closer, and we don't have time to be taking photographs, parents!

Florida 1990 (33)

"Okay, fine, Mickey, if you must sign my autograph book you can! Although are you sure you don't want my autograph instead?"

Florida 1990 (27)

"Honestly, first you make me wear these rediculous shorts and now you make me pose for more photographs?!"

Florida 1990 (39)

Here, I manage to get an autograph - but it's not the one I need! Is that him, out of the corner of my eye?

Florida 1990 (38)

Yes! I did it! I got Captain Hook's autograph! It's terribly difficult tracking down that villain, but I did it! Now, I just hope he doesn't throw my book in the water in a rage...

Florida 1990 (34)

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