Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Get Ready

Back in December 2006, when I visited the Walt Disney Studios Park, they were preparing for a major arrival. Something that would change the ambiance and the dynamics of the Park. The Tower of Terror.


The attraction was scheduled to open up the following year - indeed it would, the following December (and just several days after our trip that year too!). I love seeing attractions as they are being built, and how Disney work on them. Here is a billboard in front of the construction for this ride.

And what do I remember most from this billboard and the construction? Waiting in line for the Animation attraction and some French people behind us discussing the new 'hotel' and when they could get a room. As one of the group said, 'I bet it is going to be very expensive to stay this close to the Parks!'. I don't think they understood the concept for the Tower of Terror...unless they were just playing along with the Imagineers and really getting into 'character'.


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